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Jordan's First Online Cigar Shop

The time has come. It has been long due for Jordan to taste the ultimate premium Nicaraguan cigars. Through quality control and dedication to customer satisfaction, we have been able to develop Jordan's first online cigar shop. Today, you are able to purchase your beloved cigars from home and have them delivered the same day! There is no need to ask a friend to pick up a box from the Duty Free - just place an order online or give us a call. 

Authentic and original cigars in Amman, Jordan. All our cigars in Amman are guaranteed to be of high quality. The cigars can be delivered to you in Amman with same-day delivery. Each cigar is grown using Cuban seeds, the Cuban way, in Nicaraguan soil. Enjoy our cigars in Amman any time, any day. 

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Cigarna is an online shop that is managed and operated by Al-Ibtikar For Import & Export. Al-Ibtikar is a leading distributor for Premium Cigars in the MENA region. 

If you are interested in partnering with us as a distributor, wholesaler, or retailer kindly send an email to the below address or give us a call. 


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